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Project Description

Build your own ASP.NET Razor Web Server !!!

This is a .NET MVC module built on top of THN HTTP Stack to foster MVC projects. It provides the plumbing codes to build your own MVC web frameworks. We hope to see many productive MVC flourish based on this library.

This module provides the necessary glues to connect Model, View and Controller in a MVC framework.

The source-code consists of 3 projects:

  • Thn.Web.Mvc: the core MVC module. This requires .Net 3.5 and depends on THN HTTP Stack.
  • Thn.Web.Razor: an example MVC view render implementation using ASP.NET Razor View Engine. The Razor engine itself requires .NET 4.5
  • Demo: example application to show how to put things together as a server.

If you like Razor but wish not to depend on ASP.NET Razor and .Net 4.5, you may want to take a look at Blade View Engine, an independent Razor alternative.


  • Parse URL of HTTP requests to determine which controller will be handling the request.
  • Invoke the proper method on the controller
  • Provides the plumbing codes for rendering views.
  • Process HTTP responses and send back to client.
  • Automatic method signature matching.

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